Funding the Investment

Our typical investment term is five years. However, there are circumstances that may accelerate or delay our business plan which alter the term. For instance, we could be approached by a buyer with an unsolicited offer that allows us to meet our business objectives early. Or market conditions may not favor the asset sale at the end of the hold period causing to delay until market conditions change. Original timelines will be adhered to as much as is possible to protect our investors, but market realities can affect the term so investors should trust that the management team will make decisions that maximize investor returns.

Yes, investment minimums are generally $25,000 however we reserve the right to alter this amount. Maximum varies with each opportunity is only limited by SEC guidelines for that particular investment. We also reserve the right to limit the investment to amounts based on the specifics of each deal. Each share price is $1. To the extent that demand exceeds capacity, allocation preference will be given on a combination of first come first served, repeat investors and to those who invest greater amounts.

Once you decide to invest, you will receive a Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription Agreement. Thes documents will contain transfer instructions that allow you to electronically deposit your funds or you can send us a check for the amount of your subscription. The investment amount will be deposited into an escrow account in the name of the LLC created specifically for the deal. Once the closing is complete, SGRE you will receive a closing notification via email and the executed transaction documents

After registration users can immediately view investment opportunities and subscribe to invest.

One of the advantages of multifamily investing is that it allows for funding versatility. Investors can participate through trusts, cash investments, self-directed IRAs, and 1031 exchanges among other options.

Yes, but overseas accounts will only be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, self-directed IRAs (SDIRA’s) may participate in a SGRE Investment, but these types of funds require custodian involvement and approval before the investment can be completed. This process creates delay and involves a process that extends the length of time it takes to fund the investment.  A self-directed retirement account does, however, allow you to direct your retirement funds into real estate transactions while benefiting from the tax shelter of your plan. You can also use your existing IRA or 401k but you must first transfer these traditional retirement accounts into a self-directed IRA. 

Self-directed IRA’s open up a new world of investments, and can not only improve your returns but provide you with wealth-building equity. Consult your tax or retirement specialist for more details.

Limited Partners are free from any other obligation. The General Partners, obtain the debt and are responsible for the execution of the business plan.

Click INVEST WITH SGRE and fill out the accreditation form on our website. Once received, your investment manager will follow up to approve your application and provide you access to our current opportunities where you can view our offerings and invest!

There are 4 simple steps to investing:

Browse and Conduct Due Diligence. Review the offering materials, including the real estate investment presentation and investment documents.

Commit. If you see a deal you like and want to make an investment, you can move to a secure a spot in the investment by clicking on the “Invest Now” button then simply fill in the amount and other investment information.

Send in Funds. Fund the investment and receive proceeds by wire transfer or send in a check.

 Benefit. Sit back, relax, and receive quarterly dividends by direct deposit to your bank account. 

We believe that informed investors are our best investors. That is why we are committed to giving you the tools you need to learn how real estate investing can help you reach financial freedom and create generational wealth. We have built this website to empower you through constant educational content while providing opportunities to grow your wealth. Our investors provide strategic value, not just capital.

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