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We will provide you with a quarterly report through your investor portal that updates you on the investment’s operations, management, collections history, financial performance, balance sheet, key performance indicators, renovation progress, and current and cumulative distributions. Investors also will find tax forms and K-1 statements posted in the portal. Tax forms are posted in March of each year for your tax filing.

We provide cash distributions in the form of a Preferred Return (‘Pref’) on a QUARTERLY basis. They are typically released 30-days following the end of a three-month business cycle as cashflow allows. A Pref pays cashflow distributions to Limited Partners FIRST and the to the General Partners. GP’s will not receive any distributions until increased cashflow is available.

Investor distributions vary from deal to deal but typically occur on two occasions: 1) quarterly distributions and 2) when the property is sold or refinanced. We make every effort to pay these quarterly distributions but is important to note that Investor distributions accrue. If we are ever unable to make a distribution due to unanticipated economic circumstances, we have provisions in our PPM that allow us to catch-up with any distributions owed.

Distributions are transferred directly into the same bank account that was initially used by the investor for the making to contribution of principal. Please review the expected distributions for each investment before making an investment. Please note that while we make every effort to pay distributions, they are not guaranteed every quarter. Again, any shortfall in the distributions will be paid at the refinance or sale of the property.

No. We will attempt to accommodate as many investors as possible. However, if demand exceeds supply, SGRE will equitably adjudicate shares allocation within the investment. While it does not happen often, SGRE accepts or rejects subscriptions at their discretion.

We believe that informed investors are our best investors. That is why we are committed to giving you the tools you need to learn how real estate investing can help you reach financial freedom and create generational wealth. We have built this website to empower you through constant educational content while providing opportunities to grow your wealth. Our investors provide strategic value, not just capital.

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